Thursday, March 26, 2009

the innards...

This is my first time posting a complete book.
Well, actually almost complete. The cover/backing are just cardboard right now.
I plan on fixin' them up to match the insides of this book.
All the pages are in order. I made this book last year.
I also decided to comment on the pages.
i did this so you could see what my brain is thinking when i cut out things.
it's not only for the look of it...
this is a long post...
enjoy...or don't...

fyi before you begin..
don't forget you can click the images to enlarge them..mmhm..

this is the first page. it's my fave. it took me a awhile to do.
the placement of that bee/bug kind of perfect...
what'll you have? a pbr please..
and what are those people seeing? i wonder...
less than a zero. i feel that way sometimes. i guess most people do.
i took the photosgraph of the girl's feet in the sun. love it.
that becca street art is pretty cute. i want her dress.
i am also kind of obsessed with those eye testing things...
i don't know the term for them, but im sure there is one.
it's 74.
WARNING! the guy with the blue fro looks way too cool...
i like that tiny picture where it looks like a hole punch was taken to the girl's face.
such a cool idea. i'm going to try it.
i love the photograph of the car junk yard. eek. the colors are so saturated.
hi obama. thanks for being in charge of my country.
i saw a jacket that said "god save america" the other day..
one, two, three, four..check out
old Life magazines are fucking amazing to look at...
and alpha-bits?? i always thought..yeaah..
i want that every color.
also, take a closer look (by clicking) at this marlboro ad. crazy shit.
extra extra black dahlia confession! go home kid...
this couple looks so damn happy. i love it.
beck is also holding a cool camera.
and this washer machine reminds me of a window display i did..
it was on the fragrance of laundry detergent...i had flowers coming out of the machine..
the coloring of this house photo is oh so 70s..gotta love it.
has anyone ever thrown shoes up on a telephone wire? what does it mean?
Bra/lingerie ads from the 50s are kind of silly, but awesome.
i have a whole book on 1950s advertising. it's a def favorite!
the camera down below is def on the level...
hey parents!
don't forget to teach your child, that probably can't talk yet, to use a gun..
im sure it'll make for a bright future.
also that DEPTH phonograph ad...O M G. amazing.
the photo of this girl dancing is epic! im in love with her bloomers!
and the background to that van..faaakke...
sore subject.
but go giants!
and i love natural born killers...le sigh..
hm. don't have much to say about this one.
oh, well i like the photo in the upper right of the 2 chicks looking at the wall.
the art placement is awesome. i wanna do that.
oh, and duh, the brick break heart down below. holy shit.
i want to play that game now..
this orange/blue photograph..i took.
i think it's been somewhere on my blog before.
the lomo picture of those dandelions is epic.
i also just like the placement of clippings on the right page.
this gallery photo is pretty sick. the walls are covered from ceiling to floor
it's my kind of place.
i am intrigued by the blond girl leaning. i'm not sure why.
charles pheonix (in front of the school bus) puts together some awesome kitch books.
he did a book signing at the store i used to work at. he's fun.
i love robots and those old 50s recipes.
obama. i love him. im sure all know that though.
candy cookies! actually an ad/coupon from the 50s via my grandma!
and color cordinating books..i would've never even thought to! so rad.
brussel sprouts cooked w/ oil, butter, lemon, pepper, capers and shrimp..over pasta...yeum.
i like graph paper.
well, that skate deck is fucking awesome. enough said about that.
that poool looks like fun and that virgin mary photo has awesome lighting.
the pink house has a fallen tree..did u notice that?
the house in the lower right corner looks like fun.
and so does the creepy classroom on the lower left.
that models blonde hair looks cool too...
and pyrex anything is amazing. i collect their bowls...
R.I.P Wayne (the fish). this isn't him, but this is his cousin or something.
i loved my Wayne oh so very much. a tribute tattoo is coming soon.
i also like writing on steamed up windows. don't you?
hm. the placement of things on walls always intrigues me.
i love it. this girl's hair is pretty much perfect and makes me want my dark hair.
but it probably won't look as good as her's.
MLK..he rules. old type writers rule.
as well as ugly dolls and that girl's runway dress.
the dress has accents from a blanket i remember as a kid.
i love that black and white picture of the chick in her underwear.
no reason. just really like it.
i also enjoy this dude's mustache beanie.
i again, love how books look on shelves.
maybe that's why i always re-organize my book shelf.
hah. look at that potate..
this chick against the ferns..
love her dress, but does she have any meat? jesus..
mmm ginger ale..
black and white.
with an accent of red.
oh stella.

hopefully there are more of these books to come.
i like to make them for other people, but on occasion i'll keep them for myself..
this one was originally started for someone who i had met at a shitty time in my life.
he was an inspiration, but then he moved back to NY and we never talked again.
cool. so i kept the book for myself..

im serious when i say you can donate your magazines to me.
it doesn't matter what kind. their are images for all kinds of books.
it would be much appreciated...
let me know..does anyone even read this?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE what you do and I know you can do wonders with your talents let it be scrap books, set scenes, or whatever else it is you are pursuing. I love you and I think you are an amazing artist/person. Please know that you are an inspiration to me <3

sarah mac said...

i do. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. esp the pool, red brick heart, blue/orange, etc...