Sunday, March 22, 2009

kahim and maria rule.

let me just begin by saying..
i have eaten bacon (oink!) 3 times this weekend..
whoa...i haven't ate piggy in a long while..
but if put a porkchop in front of me..
hm, i probably will throw up all over you..
here's my breakfast that chef Kahim made.
pretty fucking grubbin' omelette, toast and rasp lem (not shown).
maria finally got to have her cupcakes! damn!
we sang happy birthday to her...
i love her..duh.
then we played the drawing game!
so so much fun.
obviously kahim's drawings are more exciting..haha..
"sometimes birds look like they're wearing suits..he's going to work..he has his briefcase"
i fucking love kahim's brain.
my awesome K...
hahaha reminds me of gumby...
kahim's awesome lettering..
my big "A" also reminds me of gumby..
pretty decent weekend. <3>

1 comment:

sarah mac said...

oh sweet jesus. those cupcakes look amazing. one day we will convene and eat 50,000. by ourselves.