Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fake summer.

wow. don't even know if/where i should begin...
benders.delerium.the dp (park dayz). kahim's. roof party.ruby's.macdonalds.
probably forgot some places...who knows...broken ipod screen.six pack coozy.
ruined shit.mass amounts of friends. awkward sun burn. chapped lips.
chips + burrito. fake summer weather. fat bikini.
dancing.larping.cheetos.dragon.mass texts.
djing.roman candles.
riding bikes.pee'ing in carports. new friends.fake tattoos.war paint...


delerium. feets.benders(the night i didn't cause a scene).
norrie really did kick ass. she won 3 people i think...
i like that fish w/ glasses sticker..and there is chad..
a cool pic of rob a. casey and dega hugging and hiding.
lady gaga hearts norrie..
The DP.
i don't even think i need to explain.
this day fucking ruled my life..seriously..
i love wellington. camilla made him pose..hah.
ericca and i claimed at 12 noon a gooood area..

then the peeps flocked.. 5..6 hours at the park..nbd...
Kahim's house.
party house central. 12 packs. good peeps. maria the dj.
fake tattoos. shoes off.
warpaint.wrestling masks.
climbing on walls.
dancing. curtains closed.
house..i mean roof party at Gino's.
intense fun...
if you missed it..i'm sorry..
i forgot to take more pictures...having too much fun..
hang out with ruby and the gaggle and u.bomber.

macdonalds. mimosas.
team hammer time.the d. larping.
i rarely look at the camera..unless i have sunglasses on..
this was pretty much the weekend..
(click to enlarge)
i fucking love everyone who came out...
and if you couldn't make it out..i still fucking love you.
i had such an amazingly fun fake summer weekend.
i hope you did too...

ps. and now im on t.o...it's arts and crafts in my room time.
wanna join? let me know..

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