Monday, May 4, 2009

something for him..

i have completed another book. this one took ALMOST a month.
i am super excited with the final results. i made it for my friend chad.
i gave it to him last night after i picked him up from the airport.
he was half awake. i was too excited to wait to give it to him though..

the book is created from an existing book that i ripped apart.
i separated all the pages..and then once each one was completed i sewed 2 pages together..
then for the cover/back, i peeled the photo/images off and i
ripped the original spine out and used a ribbon to widen the spine..
after that i began to sew each set of pages in, but then i got over that..
i decided to just hot glue them in..worked perf.

shall we begin...?

front cover..using scraps of things and old keys.
i've had a collection of found keys and old keys for awhile.
glad i got to put them on something...
this book belongs to chad p.
there is a napkin i drew on like a year ago.
kind of in love with it being in this book..
also that fish, brother of my precious wayne.
i miss wayne. i want a new fish. <3>
there is a polaroid of my old apt. looks pretty cool..
and there is a price tag to a bike that isn't mine..
"promises promises"..i also hoard labels from clothing..gimme..
i took that roid of that sammie like 7 years ago. hah.
and be careful of your dreams...
the skull/spine is a wood block carving i did awhile back.
i also did one of a foot..not pictured.
the other page is blocked out..because it's not for your eyes to see...
ok, my fave part is my bloody musical notes!!!!see them?
also that heart image is a bunch of smaller images of...
i love jeff soto!
and there is a drawing i did before i got my chest tattooo.
the right page is one of my fave. i love that cindy sherman image.
and i love that cut out heart!! i also enjoy the little rooms photo.
tomorrow is always a new day..remember that.
chad is from texas. ;)
the right page is another one of my fave. i splatter painted it!!
also that bicycle image is part of a napkin..from the late 50s.
they were my grandmas!
and how cool is that image on the left of dude in the forest?
i threw up. i stole that sticker. it's epic.
the heart puzzle is cool too. ive had that for awhile.
the beginning.the ending.
back cover. <3>
these images(below) i took this morning.
i didn't realize my lens was dirty.
more to come for sure.
xo. to enlarge..

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