Thursday, April 30, 2009

swollen with love for my Momma!

i got a new tattooo today! yay!
i hadn't gotten a new one in a good minute!
i went up to santa cruz to see my good friend Nick Vargas..
he works at F U
and this is what happened..

DUDE look how fucking amazing these two drawings are!!
completely jealous..
and here is the completed piece...swollen as fuck.
my mom always calls herself "The Clucking Hen.."
the one shoe significance goes as followed..
my momma always sings this nursery rhyme from when she was a little girl..
it goes..."cock-a-doodle-doo my hen has lost her shoe.."
i know, for the rest of my life i will have to explain and sing the rhyme..
catch me on a good day..and maybe i'll sing it for you!
i love it.
more please.

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