Saturday, June 4, 2011

sketchbook project 2011..digitized...

so i did this project last year..called...sketchbook project 2011.
they send u a little sketchbook with a theme..i'm sorry i forgot you.. (that i chose) and 
i get to fill it up with whatever. then i send it back to them and it tours around (tour dates).
i unfortunately was at a "block" in my creativity and you'll see..
mega depressed. i didn't get to finish it..but here is what i did get to do..
they digitized it for here's the link..check it out..


i'm also participating in the 2012 sketchbook project.
i got my book earlier and will hopefully fill the entire thing up this time around!!!
also, the 2012 tour goes around the world. daaang.


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