Monday, March 14, 2011

personally unappreciated.

hello. i made this book sometime last year.
i'm sure by looking you can see who it was made for.
le sigh. <3
i had to ask for the book back..
but i think once i'm done taking photos i might possibly give it back.
it wasn't meant for me...
anyways...i really like this book..
and i was kind of sad not to finish it.
i just didn't feel inspired anymore.
and i felt the work went unappreciated.
there are some really personal things in here...
i didn't think i'd post certain pages..
but then i got over it.

the book is made from a recycled book..
i took it apart and then added my own page clusters.
everything is hand sewn..drawn..painted..etc..

i hope you enjoy it..

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