Tuesday, May 25, 2010


so i had this concept for a book. people and their keys.
this is a little prototype if you will.
i had it bound at kinkos. hah.
anyhow, the top section is the person and the bottom section is their keys.
you can mix and match it you want.
the last girl didn't have keys.
i never figured out exactly how i wanted the cover and back to look.
i guess that's why it was never completed.
also i prob made this..errr...about 6 years ago?
also..my scanner is being a piece. great..



Atom Farm said...

similar to Kosmo Kramer's coffee table book of coffee tables. keep it up. great idea.

Mallory said...


ester said...

I kind of hate you for this

leahb said...

Wow - this is incredible. Please finish project! I would love to see a whole gallery of these. Can I submit me and my keys? Haha.

Anna said...

ahh im thinkin about a blog!!! So perhaps yes yes you may submit once i get it all up and running.. :D