Tuesday, December 15, 2009


hello. i finally completed this book. i started working on it months ago.
i made it for my best friend ester. i wanted to have it to her for her birth in sept, but that
didn't happen so she received it for christmakkuh.
i didn't realize (for some reason) that ONLY sewing a book together would take forever.
i got many needle pricks and blisters. thimbles are an amazing invention though.
no glue or tape was used in the making of the pages of the book.
here are the pages below...

this page below is one of my faves. i love the picture of the girl holding her neck
im also real into that hat.
plastic wrap bows. mmmmm...

those shoes rule...

i have a weird obsession with letter stencils. i had to add some in this book.
i also own those ghost salt and pep shakers..thanks to ester...
also those yellow/orange (to save an argument) shoes..mmm..

im into this creepy shaped dress...

the biggest murderer of all..ET. this trading card says nothing but.. "creepy."
i love him.

it took me a little while to figure out how to exactly bring this book to an end.
however when i stumbled across this empty road clipping i knew right then
what the last page would look like. page number 46.