Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i love resin and pbr...

today has been a pretty productive day i'd have to say.
my mood has been pretty steady and my brain hasn't exploded.
i woke up at a decent time, ran errands, applied to some jobs and arts+crafted.
here is one of the products of arts + crafts.
pbr labels, old piece of wood from my deck and RESIN.
i fucking love resin.
the first place i went to only had $80 tubs of resin.
uhh negtron..then i found some for MUCH cheaper at the second place i went to.
i've always been under the impression that resin smelled super bad!
of course i did it outside, but it didn't smell..just a TINY bit. hm.
anyhow, i want to resinate everything now!! ahhh.

I heart PBR.
(click to enlarge)

music: gallows."just because you sleep next to me doesn't mean you're safe"

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