Wednesday, June 24, 2009

birthing day presents.

Hello. So this weekend is my Momma's birth and last weekend was Kahim's.
I made them both sketch/notebooks! ahh!
this top one is the one i am going to send my mom.
i made it by ripping a book cover off another book
and putting vinyl material over it.
I also made/sewed a new spine to allow more pages to fit inside.

this sketchbook i made fore Kahim.
i forgot to take proper pictures before i gave it to him. i apologize.
anyways, i made this one with, again, an existing book cover.
i also sewed on a new spine and put all sorts of different papers inside.
clearly the cover and back cover were made with beer labels.

im in the process of making more.
i want to try and sell them. ooo.
also, are you one of those people that peels labels?
well save them for me if you remember...hmph.

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