Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new book..

i woke up last tuesday morning and just took off.
i had to get the fuck out of sf.
some stupid shit could've happened..
but i left before it was possible..
don't worry..

i ended up going to la.
hung out with ester and had an "oo crew" reunion.
we feasted on home made pizzas and bread pudding.

then i headed to joshua tree to visit my parental unit.
that was cool. i hadn't seen them for a minute.
i went thrifting with my mom and rode bikes with my dad.

i also started a new book..
this one will take a couple of months i'm thinking..
i'm stitching everything into the tape or glue..
here is the beginning...



ester said...

woah - NO tape or glue? can't wait to see this new book. sending you so many clippings soon.. since B just made me go through a bunch of mags so we could recycle them..

sarah mac said...

you're killing me with this undercover LA visit shit.