Sunday, April 5, 2009

saturday + sunday...

saturday..park dayz.
hung out. lounged.
soaked up some vit d. rode my bike..
i got a new phone..because another razor bit the dust...
the buttons just stopped working..and i didn't do SHIT to it..
razors + anna = nope.
anyways, my camera's battery was dead...
so i had no choice..i documented with my phone.
takes pretty cool pixs. it did the job...

chad took this photo below.. his phone is fancier than minekahim is amazing.Sunday Funday..BASEBALL!!!!!!!
i was posted in the living room for a couple of hours.
(although i did clean the living room and kitchen and exercised)
i watched the last giants vs. dodgers exhibition game..
who won? oh NBD..GIANTS!!!!!!
now onto the actual season..please.
then i watched the opening day gay..phillies vs. braves..
braves won.
good day.

i hate mondays...

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