Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new project...

the mess.
if you've never seen my room..well..
the area that is covered with shit is the only open space i have.
i've been tip toeing around for a couple days.
the space next to the where my sweet butt sits..
im working on a book that is pretty epic.
i haven't felt this inspired in a looooong while.
it'll be finished in a couple days..
pictures will of course appear on my blog..
until then..hold tight and just know..
im locked in my room with my phone off..
making an awesome mess, cutting and pasting, getting paint everywhere..
listening to sweet tunes and loving every minute of it..
i had to "hide" the pages already complete..
there is no peeking..
you can click the picture to try though..

ps. a break will be taken tomorrow. 7:10pm.
the giants better take themselves off my

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ester said...

not a forced comment, but a voluntary comment.
nice book guurhlll