Friday, April 10, 2009

baseball o clock.

sooo i love baseball.
i got tickets for the giant's second game of the season!!
randy johnson pitched. sweeeet.
of course though, the game i go to..they lose. oh well.
they won their opening day game and yesterday's game!
this first photo is a picture of tim lincecum getting his cy young award.
and here is joe and me! we had fun!
don't worry, he does have 2 blue eyes.
i promise.
AH it was sooo pretty! is my awesome outfit. yup, i rode my bike.
and there WERE my french fries and chicken strips.
i was so fucking hungry. i waited like 25 mins for food.
the cashier i got was new and...oh i don't know... fucking SLOW!
Joe made a fucking mess with his peanuts. ive already planned some other games to go to!
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!



sarah mac said...

oh stop it with all the cuteness, chiquita! xo

MollyCake said...

as far as i'm concerned it's always baseball o'clock. love another girl blogger who loves the baseball. i bleed cubbie blue.

also, love grandmas old bathing suit! fits you perfect...