Thursday, March 12, 2009

notebook 2006.

here is another one of my notebooks things.
this one happens to be from 2006.
this one is filled with more random shit than the last..
a lot of magazine clippings. im obsessed...
donate old magazines to me. thaannks.

hm. this book belongs to me. you can peek through it if you like.
just ask. hm...and there is a random picture of Karl and me.
it was in some random tattoo magazine. weird.
i look dumb. oh also..
a great crocodile drawing..from ester's brother..
this polaroid pic is from some class project.
kind of love it.
there is a photograph of ester that i took..
and well jeff soto really does rule.
yeah..taped a mouth over another mouth. pretty sweet looking.
grilled queso's out..this is probably going to be my next tattoo.. day..if money ever exists in my life again.
it's of ester and
ester drew it..she rulles.


1 comment:

ester said...

OHHKAAYYY.. the end with the sticker.. and it says "FUCK YOU..." hahaha
ps - brain pop!