Monday, February 23, 2009

twenty six...

sleep over time!
ericca and i ventured to novato to hang out w/ the shaun at his mom's house.
it was pretty fucking fun.
we arrived to a dark, long ass driveway and..
couldn't find the front door..
then tried to say "hello" to Red the find her brawling with a vicious racoon.
she's alright..don't worry. she's a fighter!
then we made and ate snacks and baked a corn bread cake!
jessica brought us eggs for the cake. yay. then she hung out and..
showed us her banana lips..
theeen we made a sleep over bed and watched..
mister lonely and e.t.
mister lonely interesting...
i love e.t but i fell asleep about 30 mins in and woke up at the credits....
aw. then we awoke and shaun took us on a scenic route of novato..
and then he made us omelettes. yeummy.
then we headed back to SF...
and then i turned 26 at 2:48pm..
happy birth to me.
fun time.

ps. little shaun.

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