Monday, February 2, 2009

park'n it up in jan...

ericca and i went to the park on saturday.
needless to say we got royally trashed.
i also got stung by a bee and we got in the way of a pitbull and a lab "playing"...
hm..we also ate ice cream..or i did..
ericca just wanted the gum eyeballs.
we ended up finding Kahim and Maria..
we sang horribly loud to reel big fish and no doubt..
then moved the party to Kahim's house..then to an art show..
then i managed to take myself home and not be hung over the next day..

(click to enlarge)

there are some amazing videos that go along w/ this day...
but rotating them is proving to be a bitch.
i had to d/l a plug in for Imovie in order to do it...jeesh..
soon hopefully..

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Nil said...

I loved the ice cream! I want the ice cream!