Monday, January 19, 2009


this weekend i went on some pretty sweet adventures.
joe and i went to explore some old hospital and some missile silos.
we saw ancient dune sand and walked through the forest.
i had a bit of a cold during this weekend so i didn't go OUT.
there was a party till 7am at my house sat/sun night morning.
it wasn't the most exciting thing..since...i was trying to sleep.
but i walked out to wrestling on my deck and to dorian wearing a pretty sweet outfit.
the neighb's downstairs weren't to thrilled either..
they let us know with mariachi music blaring at 8am...
yesterday i ventured out of my hermit hole and went to the park with sarah, ericca and joe.
ericca managed to slip in the mud. it look like she shat herself. haha.
three bottles of champagne, some OJ, a muffin fight...pretty fun..
then i went home and took a nap and woke up with a hang over..awesome..
today isn't real...but it was super nice..

well im going to LA/Joshua Tree this week..
Going to go visit Ester (and B).
LOST premieres on WED!
Get fucking ready people!! eeee!
Then i am going to visit the parental unit!
so happy for this "vaca"...
see you...

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