Saturday, January 3, 2009

new living situation..aka party house..

hello blog world.
i'm back. i finally got actual internet. thanks cynabun.
anyways, it's a new year. woo.
hopefully my 2009 will not be ANYWHERE as sucky as my 2008. le fucking sigh.
oh, so i moved into a new apartment.
i fucking love it. i'm still unpacking..because im a pack rat..
"you have soo much stuff anna"...
but don't worry it all has it's place..
anyways i live with Cynthia and Dorian.
Our house is party central and after hours central.
a big change from my last place, but im into it.
maybe i'll see you roaming down my hall at 430 in the morning..?


1 comment:

Nil said...

Great house Anna. Hope you have so many fantastic memories in it, happy for you :) Such a party house, rock on for me too :)