Thursday, January 29, 2009


On my way to visit the parental unit i stopped to visit my other half.
i was just there for about a day and a half.
we watched lost. ate zpizza and tings. went to samy's camera.took pictures.
hung out at her bf's studio..where he insisted on keeping me occupied..
lounged.zilla'd.organized her closet.
i made out with 2 awesome dresses. woo.
i also mingled with the enemy..Kittie.
LA gives me the willies. im still in a "i hate you" stage.
perhaps one day it'll pass, but LA will NEVER have anything on SF...

i kind of "stole" some pictures from Ester's blog.
she won't mind. hm..
i miss her. :(
onto joshua tree.

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sarah mac said...

i love you and i'm trying not to be mad that you came to town and didn't tell me. you're luck you're so cute.