Monday, December 15, 2008

unbalanced epic sunday adventure

i went on an epic adventure with will and joe yesterday.
got to sleep in. fell out of bed. wasn't hung over..just..unbalanced..hah.
then decided i wanted to drive and go on a photo adventure.
just got 2 tires fixed on my car sooo..i thought why not?
called will and joe up and they wanted to come too.
we went to stinson beach then continued up north..
we drove through some pretty fucking epic scenery.
everything was soo saturated from the rain.
and yes, it rained like a mofo on and off while driving.
the sun peeped through every once in awhile though..
we drove on this lord of the ring mountain/cliff road to a light house.
now that i think about it, we never saw the light house..
once we arrived on the top of the cliff it was POURING rain.
i got out anyways and took photos. prob the worst idea. i got soaking wet.
and of course the awesomest lighting was occurring and my fucking camera died.
however, i did take quite a few holga photos. i have yet to get those processed. in due time.
joe and will took tons of photos too that im sure ill post soon.. outfit wasn't really the best thing to wear on this adventure.
it was sooo spur of the mome that i didn't even know where we'd end up..
i trucked around in heels through sand, rain and was awesome..nbd.....
we saw so many cows and one alerted us that it was around..."MOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
we saw wild fucking turkeys. hahaha. joe made them nervous and they went away.
we also saw a deer convention.

(click photo for larger adventure)
i love my friends.
it was a good fucking day.

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