Thursday, December 11, 2008

new beginnings.

hello pop's.
yesterday i got the call.
we got the apartment we wanted!Linki'm moving out of north beach and moving to soma!!
i'm moving with cynthia and dorian!!
this apartment is fucking amaaazing!
hopefully i'll snap some photos before work tomorrow.
anyways, i went to pop's last night to celebrate with will, joe and nick.
we drank some $1.00 hamms and played video games.
then we went to beauty bar and danced it up.
i managed to be home by 11:45pm..early.
beer (4 went in my tum)
dig mother fucking dug. i suck at this game. haha.

also, will took joe and i to this awesome alley off Battery St downtown to show us these..

walruseseseses!! how cool huh? apparently they are from an old building!!
i think upper playground got their logo idea from these guys..

xo. sleep time.
ps. got my twitter to work on my phone..

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