Friday, December 5, 2008


the road trip (to humboldt) was pretty fun.
leaving at 11pm was pretty intense.
it was pitch dark, curvy and foggy as fuck.
yikes!! we got there around 4am..and passed the fuck out.

the skate park was soo fun. my legs hurt! hah.
obviously dorian had fun too..
i took a cool video of him, but ill post it later or something..
uh we went to dorian's storage and found some treasures..
then we adventured around to the skate park, the beach and some dunes..
look at all those shells on the beach!! was freezing..
then of course we went to the bar..
then home sweet home..

(click to enlarge)

oh i'd also like to share..
dorian sets his watch for 130am..last call.
he will let the bar tender know if they call it too early..
hahaha. amazing..


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sarah mac said...

blondie!!!!!! miss you. kiss you. xo