Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i need a cold!

it's rainy in san francisco today. i'm kind of into it.
although i did want to go ride my bike and and maybe check out the skate park.
today was my first day at work. it was pretty cool.
now i have the whole day.
i decided to scan old polaroids of..
me myself and i...

(click to enlarge)

as you can see my hair always varies and so do my outfits.
i'm tempted to go back to black hair. ahhhhh. what should i do?
i also want to bring some of these outfits back! hahaha.
most of these photos are from 2005.
they were taken in santa barbara, vegas and los angeles.
i've been going through a lot of old photo albums and boxes of photos.
so far it's made memories (good, bad and the sad) re-appear in my brain.
expect more random posts from my past..

there is a box over ester because she isn't thrilled about this old photo of herself..


ester said...

ooh... I remember taking quite a few of those polaroids! I forgot all about your cuff off jeans and lil tee phase..

ester said...

ps - thanks for BOXING me out. I hate the jacket I'm wearing in that photo..