Saturday, November 22, 2008

24th and York...

hello. this is the bar that seems to get me into the most trouble lately . i mean..they have drink specials every damn day on top of happy hour. yikes. wednesdays happens to be $1.00 Hamms. yeum. i can drink some of those..and so can rikki...this seems to be our new wednesday hang out. wooo. plus the sign is really cool looking and they have a photo booth (b+w). Oh and they have a decent juke box...

and these photos below were taken yesterday. i was with joe and christian. fun fun. photo booooooooooth!!oh happy hour, thank you. mmm..and oh, don't worry i walked into the change eater on the pool table. i also sucked at playing pool..oh well.. practice makes perf..

i love pop's.

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